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Our commitment

We believe in a
personal service.

Wherever possible we meet with all our candidates and clients, ideally on a number of occasions. Itís the best way to get a real understanding of who they are and what they want. Email and the internet are great, but no substitute for personal contact.

We believe recruitment
should be done right.

Our business is built around people, what they offer and what they need. For candidates that means we can help them advance their careers, while for clients it means strengthening their teams.

We believe honesty
is the only policy.

Sometimes we have to give a candidate or client advice they donít want to hear, simply because itís in their best interests. Our advice is always scrupulously honest; anything else wouldnít be professional.

We believe no-one
knows more.

Our knowledge and connections are the result of over 20 years in recruitment, a remarkably long time. Very few legal recruiters in the UK have an equivalent depth of knowledge.

We believe Bygott Biggs isnít for everyone.

No one is obliged to choose us, but the clients and candidates who do pick Bygott Biggs get a service thatís second to none. We never hard sell what we do; instead we let our track record and record of results do the talking.

We believe trust
is sacred.

Weíre privy to all sorts of privileged information about both candidates and clients Ė thatís why we insist on the highest levels of integrity and discretion. We need to be whiter than white Ė so thatís exactly what we are. Itís not just good for business; itís also the right thing to do.

We believe in making
things happen.

We think itís important to get out into the market and look for opportunity. Taking a proactive approach is particularly important for senior appointments, where we work closely with the partner involved to identify potential options in the market and help them put together a compelling business proposition.

We believe less
is more.

Weíre firm believers in a targeted approach to recruitment based on making carefully thought-through approaches to exactly the right firms and individuals. Think of our approach as a spotlight focussed in exactly the right area Ė illuminating, powerful and extremely effective.

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