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Mergers and acquisitions

As the legal profession continues to change we‘ve seen a rise in law firm mergers. However, finding the right merger partner – one that compliments your business in terms of geography, expertise and culture – isn’t easy. That’s where Bygott Biggs can help. 

Our in-depth market knowledge and strong network of contacts at management level means we’re well placed to advise firms on the options available. We work with firms of all sizes, whether they’re looking to merge, acquire or be acquired. We can help create a profile of the right law firm partner, identify suitable options in the market and make confidential approaches. We can facilitate discussions and confidential exchanges of information, and keep the process on track from first to last.

Sometimes, having discussed the options a firm may decide that merger isn’t the way forward. In this situation, we can help ensure they have effective recruitment and retention strategies in place to grow their businesses organically.

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